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If you have been looking around for specific websites that cover topics such as accounting, business and finance then this FFRP website is going to soon become one of your most visited websites!

We cover a range of different topics surrounding all three of those topics, and thanks to our daily and weekly news updates we will always have something new for you to read whenever you visit this site.

To give you an overview of just some of the topics we discuss and investigate here at the FRRP website we have listed several of them below along with an overview of what each section of this site is about in a little more detail.

Savings – If you are in the positon whereby you can set aside either a lump sum or a regular amount as savings each month, then there are lots of different types of savings schemes you are going to be able to make use of.

However, the amount of interest you can and will earn will always depend on several different things, such as how much you are willing to save, how long you want to have your money tied up for and also if you qualify for any tax free saving schemes too.

To help you make sense of all of the popular and some of the more unusual and unique savings schemes we have set our writers working to come up with a range of different articles that we are more than convinced you will find of great help, in letting you pick out which savings accounts and saving schemes are going to be best suited to you.

Investments – You can often get very confused if not overwhelmed by the sheer number of different types of investments that are available to you, and we have put together a range of articles and guides throughout this website that will help you make sense of a very wide and diverse range of different investment opportunities.

When it comes to knowing the element of risk you will have attached to any investment you make you do need to know every type of financial instrument inside and out and that is where our guides will come in good use.

But one word of caution, only ever enter into an investment opportunity when you fully know and understand the risks involved, for there are some relatively low risk investments you may be interested in placing, however there are some very, very high risk ones, which whilst the result may be exceptional you will be taking risks when making some investments. If you are investing with sums that you cannot afford to lose, these high risk investments can be devastating. Additionally, high risk investments are more suited to younger adults who are not requiring their investments to pay for their retirement and who have the luxury of a long time on the market to ride the ups and downs of the stock market. 

Financial News – Knowing what is happening in the world of finance if you are a trader of either Forex or Binary Options is of course important, as is knowing which stocks and shares will be affected by any current news stories if you are a stocks and shares trader.

We offer a wide range of financial news stories which are kept fully up to date, and as such please do take a good look through this site as those news stories may allow you to get some food for thought in regards to where you should be investing your funds.

Accounting Updates – There are several new accounting software packages that you can buy online, however before you do so you should take a look over our accounting updates guides, as we have reviewed a lot of the software packages and will let you know how we found them to use, along with any individual features any of them have to offer you.

Business News – Knowing which Company Directors are offloading their shareholdings or which ones are buying additional stocks in their company is important, as is knowing which shares many traders have pencilled in as buy or sell recommendations.

That is something you will always be able to find out by taking a look through our business news section of the website, where we will also be enlightening you when all of the major companies will be revealing their current financial status and quarterly results etc. Additionally, we find that the BBC is a good source of up to date business news in addition to our website.

Hot and Cold Stocks – If you are interested in following the money then take a look at what our team of experts have picked out as their share picks, you will also find out by taking a look at this section of the website which stocks are hot and which are cold. Please note that we do not guarantee the success of our hot and cold stock picks, and that you will be assuming the entirety of the risk should you decide to make an investment which is based on our hot and cold stock picks. 

Share Dealing – Share dealing is now as simple as making a phone call, however unlike days gone by you will no longer have to telephone your Broker to get him or her to place your share purchases for you.

There are lots of different ways of buying shares which includes opening up an online share dealing account or if you want the maximum flexibility then it may be beneficial for you to download a trading share trading app.